A quick introduction to us:  

  • We love weddings. 
  • We love Photography.
  • We cry at almost every wedding.
  • When we stop crying at weddings, we will stop shooting weddings.

Why hire us:


Over the years we have shot countless weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs and other once in a lifetime events. We have learned to anticipate those special moments and be ready when they happen. 

Attention to detail:

We know a lot of thought went into your event. Hours can be spent picking place settings, seat covers, food etc. We capture it all so when you are looking back on your day years later you can recall every detail.  


  • We know some people get nervous in front of the camera, we can walk them through it.
  • We have backup gear so if one of our cameras stop working half way through your event, we can grab our backup camera and keep shooting. 
  • With experience comes confidence, with confidence comes stunning images.  
  • All of your images are backed up on our system so even if you lose your copy years later, we still have them for you.